Who you gonna trust?

December 13, 2021
In the Media

Christians are generous. It’s part of our DNA to donate our time, treasure and talent to advance the Gospel, feed the poor and heal the sick. But there are lots of churches and charities out there who claim to be doing this. How do you choose which one(s) to support?

At the CMA Standards Council we believe it’s all about trust. We all want to give to people we know can be trusted to use our gifts wisely and well. That’s easy to do when we know the people we are giving to, but it’s harder when we don’t know anyone at an organisation. We can look at a website, or ask friends, but how do we know we can trust an organisation with our time, treasure and talent?

One of the reasons the CMA Standards Council exists is to answer this question. We have done the research and asked the right questions to check that our Partners meet all of our standards of good governance, transparency and accountability, and take their responsibilities seriously. And we don’t just do it once – every year we check again to confirm that they continue to meet all those standards.

Every organisation on our list of Partners meets our standards. Every one of them is worthy of your trust and will use your gift as it has promised. At this time of the year, as we celebrate the birth of our Saviour and the hope He brings to the world, we strongly recommend each of our Partners as being worthy of your gifts.

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