give confidently

The world of giving and volunteering is shifting.

More charities than ever before are seeking financial support, in more imaginative ways than in the past. Not all have the resources to broadcast their mission to the world, yet many are making a real difference with limited financial resources.

So how does a donor, or a volunteer, find organisations who serve in the area that interests them? Or having found the organisation, how does a donor or volunteer satisfy themselves that the organisation operates in an accountable manner, with good governance, appropriate stewardship, and a commitment to truthful communication?

One exciting new tool becoming available to donors and volunteers is the CMA Standard Council's 'Give Confidently' directory.

This directory has a number of features which will make it an important part of the due-diligence donors and volunteers need to do before getting involved in helping an organisation:
  1. The directory will ONLY list organisations who have achieved CMA Standards Council accreditation. (see our Accreditation pages for what that means). So if an organisation is listed, you already know they are trying hard to be accountable, and have submitted themselves to external scrutiny.
  2. As the directory expands, you will be able to search by cause, by region, or by project type. So if you want to find Christian organisations who serve young people, or  who provide scripture distribution, or who have people on the ground in Cambodia, you can find them by searching our directory.
  3. You will be able to see the individual projects that our accredited partners are seeking support for.
  4. Depending on how much information the organisation has chosen to provide, you will be able to find out more about the measures an organisation takes to demonstrate their good stewardship and maximise accountability.

Whether you are making a trust distribution, formulating plans for a bequest, considering becoming a regular donor, making a one-off donation, or considering volunteering your time to serve a worthwhile organisation, we encourage you to look hard at our accredited partners. These are organisations who take accountability seriously, and strive to go beyond the basics in terms of good governance and good stewardship.

Give Confidently - Companion Site and Directory

Visit our companion site at for a directory of our accredited partners, for more information about the CMA Standards Council Seal, and for resources and events relating to Christian generosity.