Accreditation by the CMA Standards Council is a valuable endorsement

Accreditation by the CMA Standards Council is a valuable endorsement of a church or charity's integrity. It has direct benefits for your organisation, but it also has benefits for the Christian sector in Australia, as like-minded ministries link arms and collectively send a public message about Christian organisational behaviour.

Benefits for your organisation
  1. You will have the assurance, both internally and among your stakeholders, that you have been tested and found to be compliant with an objective, external set of standards designed specifically for Australian Christian organisations and churches.
  2. You will be deemed by the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC) to be in compliance with their Governance Standards.
  3. You will be entitled to display the CMA Standards Council 'Accredited' Seal on your organisation's documents, website, and appeals.
  4. You will receive free printed inserts, highlighting your compliance with our standards, to distribute to your supporters.
  5. Your organisation will have a detailed profile in the online 'Give Confidently' directory*. This will allow you to optionally reveal useful information about your ministry, your people, your vision, and the measures you take to demonstrate your good stewardship and maximise accountability.
  6. Your organisation will be searchable on the 'Give Confidently' directory according to the regions in which you serve, and the causes which you pursue. That way, donors, trusts and foundations who are interested in your cause can find you.
  7. Subject to your fundraising licenses, you will be able to list on the directory the projects for which you are seeking funding. This will be searchable by region, by cause, and by project type.
  8. You will inherit a CMA Organisational subscription, providing discounts on conferences, events and resources, as well as access to CMA Networks, publications and services.
  9. You will receive partner-level access to a growing suite of CMA Standards Council training and resources to help your organisation develop.
  10. You will be part of a unique and special community, including a partners-only LinkedIn Group, and partners-only gatherings around the country. This will provide opportunities to learn from other like-minded ministries and churches.
Benefits for the Ministry Sector in Australia
  1. When a growing number of organisations affirm and strive towards a common set of standards of organisational behaviour, the quality of governance, accountability and stewardship will increase across the sector.
  2. The religious segment of the charitable sector in Australia is already a significant collection of organisations. As the Standards Council grows, we expect this group to represent a significant voice on behalf of the Christian sector.
  3. As donors and volunteers grow in confidence that their money, and time, is not being wasted, we expect that generosity (of both money, and time) will increase.
  4. Many parts of the media, and society, just don't understand how charity works. Churches and ministries are often accused of having an unfair advantage, or of questionable financial behaviour. Over time, we believe that the existence of the CMA Standards Council will send a public message that Christian organisations are dedicated to integrity, accountability and honesty - and are in fact among the best of corporate citizens.
The CMA Standards Council launched on 16 november 2017!

A number of well-regarded Christian ministries offered (or were approached) to be part of a pilot program, which was successfully concluded after the launch in November 2017. This pilot program enabled us to test the systems with live data, examine the Standards in a live working environment, and iron out any wrinkles in a collaborative test environment. On 16 November 2017 the CMA Standards Council was officially launched at a major event in Melbourne and is now "open for business" to accept applications for accreditation from all worthy Christian organisations. Apply online here.

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