What’s happening at the ACNC?

1.      PBIs still on the radar

A matter of concern to the Christian sector is whether the ACNC will allow a Public Benevolent Institution (which receives significant tax benefits) to have a purpose of advancing religion in addition to having a purpose of relief of poverty. Current ACNC policy, contained in a “Commissioner’s Interpretation Statement”, is that this is NOT allowed for charities registered after 2016. The ACNC announced in mid 2020 that it was reviewing this Interpretation Statement and sought submissions from interested parties. Along with others, the CMA Standards Council made a submission. Since that time, there has been no comment from the ACNC. 

At the Forum meeting the ACNC told us that it intended to push on with this process, and announced it will be releasing a draft new Interpretation Statement later this year and will seek comment. We look forward to progressing this issue. 

The ACNC also said it would be reviewing other (unspecified) Commissioner’s Interpretation Statements. Watch this space!


2.      Problems getting staff/volunteers?

 You’re not alone. Many organisations in the charitable sector are suffering in this regard.


3.      Fixing fundraising 

The differing regulations in different States are the perennial bug-bear of our sector. Treasury reported that the Federal/State Working Group set up in December 2021 to address this problem has met 3 times and is hoping to commence a consultation process later this year. Progress is glacial, but perhaps it is happening…

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