Overseas Council Australia accredited

September 8, 2021
Partner News

The CMA Standards Council is delighted to welcome Overseas Council Australia as a Foundation Partner. Overseas Council’s mission is to raise up Christian leaders in majority world countries. It does this by identifying the best theological college within a local context with strong governance and accountability, and supporting the college with funding and resources, to enable it to do what it does best, so that the college in turn becomes an enabler and leader to other neighbouring colleges to assist them to become leaders and enablers to others also. Through this process thousands of new leaders are trained each year for work in the church as pastors, evangelists and church planters. Steve Kerr, the Executive Director of the CMA Standards Council, said “I’m very pleased to see Overseas Council Australia’s accreditation. I was not personally involved in the accreditation process due to a conflict of interest in my position as a Board member of Overseas Council, so I was a little nervous as it went on around me!”. The Executive Director of Overseas Council, Stuart Brooking, said “I’m glad we’ve done all the work to get to this point. As CEO it gives me confidence in what we’re doing and of course I can encourage our staff, board and supporters with this accreditation. Also we can encourage our partner colleges, especially in Africa too to be part of AfCAA (the counterpart of the CMA Standards Council for English, Portuguese and Spanish-speaking Africa).”

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