Medical Mission Aid Inc has been accredited as a CMA Standards Council Partner

March 7, 2022
Partner News

We are pleased to announce that Medical Mission Aid Inc has just been accredited as a CMA Standards Council Partner. Medical Mission Aid traces its roots back over a century, and its mission is to partner with local Christians in developing countries to assist in the advancement of effective healthcare in disadvantaged communities. It achieves this through the provision of medical scholarships, grants for medical supplies and supporting locally led preventative health initiatives. CMA Standards Council Executive Director Steve Kerr said “Medical Mission Aid is a great addition to our growing group of accredited Partners. Our Partners range from small to very large organisations and include churches, aid and development agencies, schools, organisations working with children, evangelism organisations, camping and venue providers, organisations supporting leadership development and much, much more.” “It’s a very diverse group, which is united however by each Partner’s commitment to good governance, transparency and accountability”, he said. “They care about integrity and striving to operate in a way which honours God.”

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