Can a Charity be both Christian and a Public Benevolent Institution – Further news

September 7, 2022
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Some readers will recall that in August 2020 the ACNC sought submissions about its policy concerning which charities should be allowed to hold public benevolent institution status. The CMA Standards Council was one of many who made a submission to the ACNC that it should change its current policy so as to allow a public benevolent institution to also have a purpose of advancing Christianity. The ACNC has been mulling over the submissions it received, and in June 2022 it released a draft of its new policy for further comment.

Regrettably the ACNC’s draft does not adopt the submissions that we and many others made. Its effect is still that a public benevolent institution cannot also have the purpose of advancing Christianity. In response to the invitation for comments on the draft we have made a further submission urging the ACNC to reconsider its view of the legal position. Again, we are confident that we will not be the only ones advancing this position. 

If you would like to see a copy of the submission we have made, please contact

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