Ask not what you can do for your auditor, but what your auditor can do for you!

November 16, 2021
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Many of our Partners and our CMA member organisations are required by law or their Constitution to undergo an audit each year. For some it is seen as a necessary evil. For others, it is seen as an expensive distraction. However there are some who see it as a way to build trust with their stakeholders and make their organisation the best it can be. I’m firmly in the third camp! 

If you would like to get more value out of your audit and auditors, here is a helpful 10-15 minute read prepared by auditors about how to get the most benefit out of them. If you’re a Board member, member of a Finance/Audit Committee, CEO or CFO, it’s worth a quick read to check if you are making the most of your auditors.  

Maximising the value of audit (PDF download)

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