Applications are Open for The Board Internship

February 16, 2021
Standards Council News

CMA in partnership with Korus Connect have officially launched ‘The Board Internship’, which equips young Christians for future board service by giving them the opportunity to be immersed in a working board environment. The CMA Standards Council has taken a leading role in the development of the program, and applications have begun flowing in.

The program matches interns under the age of 35 with a host organisation for twelve months, during which they will participate in networking activities, training opportunities, and board meetings under the supervision of a mentor. The Board Internship was built around the realisation that, as the role of ministry governance becomes more complex and older board members are retiring, it is critical that organisations prepare for the boards of the future. A growing concern in the ministry sector is where the next generation of competent and spiritually mature board members will come from.

There is no cost for interns to join the program, although they will participate in a small group fundraising campaign to offset the program costs.

Interns will be commissioned at the CMA Conference in June and will receive a certificate upon their graduation at the next CMA conference a year later.

Program details, FAQs and the application process can be found at The Board Internship is also on Facebook @theboardinternship

Applications are now open, closing on 1 April.

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