Let's celebrate our Partners

December 23, 2019
Partner News

Hope, expectation, thanksgiving, love, joy, peace, goodwill – Christmas is made up of many emotions. Above all however, Christmas is a celebration of what our God has done for us in sending his Son to save us. So, in that spirit of celebration we at the CMA Standards Council want to celebrate our Partners, and we have placed another advertisement in Eternity magazine doing just that! (See adjacent image for our half-page ad). These are Christian organisations who care about honouring God not only in what they do, but in how they do it. It’s all about trust and integrity. So if you’re looking to celebrate Christmas by making a gift to the Lord’s work, then add our Partners to your short list.

And next year, we will be adding more Partners to the list (as well as providing training days, speaking at Conferences, preparing and distributing resources, etc, etc). On reflection, let’s all add “relaxing, reconnecting and recharging” to our list of what makes up Christmas!

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