Accreditation by the CMASC involves meeting several criteria:

  1. You must be in full compliance with the Principles and Standards, before you can be accredited. Our application process provides you with a detailed questionaire, and our staff are ready to help if you have queries or need some samples to follow, but ultimately accreditation can only be given once we have verified your full compliance.
  2. You must be willing to pay the one-off application fee, and then the annual accreditation fee.
  3. You must annually agree to abide by the Standards Council terms and conditions.
  4. You must complete the annual renewal process and payment within the required time-frame in order for your accreditation to remain current.
The CMA Standards Council is a brand new venture & is currently in pilot mode

The Standards Council is currently in pilot mode with some specially invited partners, to help us test the systems with live data, and to help us iron out any wrinkles in a test environment. For this reason, you cannot yet apply for accreditation. The pilot program will conclude during 2017, at which time a full launch will take place, and organisations may apply to become accredited.

*The 'Give Confidently' directory will launch in 2017.

Register your interest, to receive an invitation to launch events, and to join the priority queue for when accreditation opens.