Standards Council News

November 15, 2018
Standards Council News

The CMA Standards Council is in the midst of carrying out its first renewals of its Foundation Partners. This is an important process, as our accreditation is based on a snapshot of how an organisation is operating at a point in time. Good governance, transparency and accountability are not one-off tests – they are ongoing cultural issues which need to be checked and reaffirmed on an annual basis. By consistently prioritising integrity and commitment in these areas your organisation builds up credits in the “trust bank”.  

We are also working with our applicants who are going through the accreditation process for the first time. Our suite of resource papers to help our applicants to meet our Principles and Standards and to improve their processes is constantly expanding and available free of charge to all applicants. We just love to see Christian organisations being governed more effectively, so if you are interested, please give us a call!

Finally we have been very pleased with our first Ministry Governance Conferences, held in Sydney and Melbourne during September. The speakers were excellent and the attendees were full of praise. Adelaide and Perth days are coming up in Feb 2019, and if you missed out in Sydney or Melbourne, this annual event will repeat again in September 2019 - this including Brisbane! Full dates and details, and registration for Adelaide and Perth, at

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