Special Breakfast Briefing with Gary Hoag for Accredited Partners at CMA Conference

At CMA's annual conference in Melbourne, on the morning of June 5th, the CMA Standards Council will be hosting a complimentary breakfast briefing for staff and board members of our Accredited Partners. Dr Gary Hoag, inaugural President of Global Trust Partners, will bring us the inside scoop on this exciting new International network. Around the world, new entities like the CMA Standards Council are emerging: accrediting Christian churches and ministries against a set of standards, and providing additional confidence to board members, and givers, that the organisation meets externally verifiable high standards of governance, transparency and accountability. CMA Standards Council Executive Director Steve Kerr will also provide an update on some growing Australian developments, and this will be a rich morning of Building Faith and Trust together. Accredited Partners will receive their invitations in early May, and do NOT need to be attending the CMA Conference to attend this breakfast.

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