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December 14, 2018
Partner News

The CMA Standards Council is pleased to announce that it has recently accredited Sydney Diocesan Secretariat as a Partner and Compassion Australia as a Foundation Partner. Our congratulations to both organisations. The Standards Council’s Executive Director, Steve Kerr, commended both organisations for their leadership in the Australian Christian sector and said “This will be a real signal to their supporters and the different constituencies they serve that they are strongly committed to good governance, accountability and transparency. In these days where the ethics of those leading any institution, whether Christian or secular, are under severe public scrutiny, Sydney Diocesan Secretariat and Compassion Australia are taking positive steps to show that they take their responsibilities seriously and are willing to commit to Standards above and beyond their basic legal obligations.”

If you are associated with any church, charity, or other Christian organisation which would like to follow the example of Sydney Diocesan Secretariat and Compassion Australia and join the ranks of the our Partners, please give us a call on 0417 316 932 or contact us at

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