More Foundation Partners accredited

June 11, 2018
Partner News

The CMA Standards Council was delighted to accredit ACCESS Ministries (also operating as Korus Connect) and MAF Australia as Foundation Partners before a packed audience at the CMA Conference held in June. Executive Director Steve Kerr presented certificates to Dawn Penney, the Executive Director of ACCESS Ministries and to Michael Buckmaster, the Treasurer of MAF Australia. Steve commended both these organisations for their commitment to good governance, transparency and accountability and for setting an example to their peers, their stakeholders and the watching world. ACCESS Ministries said it was “excited and pleased” to become a Foundation Partner. MAF Australia said “We will wear the seal with humble pride as we continue to be more and do more for the kingdom of God through the ministry of MAF.” 

We were also very pleased to present Bill Vine of Mt Tamborine Convention with its certificate of accreditation at the CMA Conference. Mt Tamborine Convention was accredited in November 2017. 

The new Foundation Partners were also congratulated on stage by Conference key-note speaker Jerry White, a current Board member and former Chair of ECFA. Gary Hoag, another Conference key-note speaker and the International Liaison Officer for ECFA prayed for the new and existing Foundation Partners.

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