Invest in Your Board

December 18, 2017
Standards Council News

A recent survey conducted by Good Foundations in partnership with professional services firm PwC has offered insights into what makes NFPs well-run and what they need to do to increase their effectiveness. Only 29 per cent of respondents believed the majority of NFPs were well-run, down from 36 per cent when the survey was last run in 2015. One of the key reasons for this result was a lack of willingness by NFPs to invest in their own people. 

We concur with that view. Indeed, one of our Standards is that our Partners must have a governing body development plan, which outlines how that body intends to continuously review and improve its effectiveness. While we appreciate that money is tight in any Christian ministry, church or school, a failure by a Board, Parish Council or School Council to invest in itself is a false economy, as it gives the organisation little opportunity to improve its effectiveness. 

We want to do something about this in an affordable and time efficient way. The CMA Standards Council will be holding a series of Board training days in various capital cities in the new year which will be relevant to all those involved in the governance of Christian organisations. Whether someone is brand new to a Board, has been voted on to the Council of Elders for the first time, or has been involved in governance for many years, this training will be of great benefit. We will be in touch with more detail soon.

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