Give Confidently. Give Generously.

September 21, 2017
Standards Council News

When you have found an organisation whose mission speaks to your heart, which you can trust, and which seeks your funds, how should you respond? What does Christian generosity mean? How does it apply to me?

As a kid I remember my Dad being on the “Stewardship Campaign” committee for our Church, and going out to visit fellow parishioners. “Stewardship” is a concept which isn’t talked about quite as often this way as it used to be, but I recently came across this short video which I recommend to you: What if God was the owner of all your assets?

God doesn’t want us to starve. He doesn’t want our kids to miss out on good things. But He has plans, and He wants each of us to be part of them. If He calls to you asking you to use in some way some of the assets He has given you to look after, don’t hold back. After all, those assets are His, not yours.

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