Building Trust

September 21, 2017
In the Media

I was recently reading an article published in the Pro Bono Australia newsletter by the CEO of the Community Council for Australia, David Crosbie, called Building Trust. The article reports on the latest Edelman Global Trust Barometer released earlier this year, and its finding that Australians’ trust in the media has dropped by 10%, government trust is down 8%, NGO trust is down 5%, and business trust is down 4%. Just over 50% of Australians trust NGOs, which would include Christian churches, charities, schools, hospitals, care facilities, etc. I leave it to you to think about where your organisation sits, but we all know that Christian organisations have taken a battering on trust over the last few years, a battering which shows no sign of abating.

And each of us knows that trust in our own organisation is its very heartbeat. If our donors, staff, volunteers and the users of our services don’t trust us, we might as well shut down right now.

So how can a Christian organisation build (or rebuild) that trust? The CMA Standards Council’s tag line is “Building Faith and Trust”. Accreditation allows our Partners to say to the sceptical or uncertain that: 

You can trust us because:

- We take our responsibilities as an organisation seriously. In fact, so seriously that we have thrown open all our processes to an independent third party expert which has publicly verified that we take our responsibilities seriously.

- We are well governed, not only meeting our legal obligations in that regard, but going above and beyond.

- We are transparent to all our stakeholders, and to the watching world. We are unafraid to report honestly on what we do and how we do it.

- We are accountable for our actions and are prepared to be re-examined and re-accredited every year.


It’s a powerful message to the world. Let’s “Build Faith and Trust” together.

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